Eco Green Drive App

Eco Green Drive is the ultimate tool to help people improve their driving habits and enhance fuel efficiency by observing the gauge color response to driving practices. It reads the fuel consumption data from the car computer in real-time, improving the reading accuracy, since most fuel economy applications on the market estimates the fuel consumption rate by reading the air intake. Fuel-saving behaviors like smooth acceleration make the gauge meter grow green, while inefficient driving behaviors will turn the gauge indicator to orange or red.


settings Settings

Change your settings to set up your OBD2 device and also other features such as “Imperial vs Metric” and reset your Global Score.

profile Profiles

You can create different profiles with different vehicles so you can use your device to track trips on all your vehicles.

vehicles Vehicles

A variety of vehicles for each Brand will be available and constantly updated. Also, you can see information on the vehicles with the built in link to Wikipedia!

Capture real time information on your driving including Speed, Injection and RPM that will calculate your driving style. You can set up a custom trip name and save […]

View the summary of your trip using graphics to show how you did on your trip.

maps Map

If you opt in to capture your location during your driving, you will be able to check how and where your trips did, whether you’re driving green, medium […]